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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

EDLD 5364 Week 5 Post Conference

The web conference was very brief and to the point. In addition, towards the end, it got a bit more on the personal side with Dr. Borel learning a bit more about us. She went over the Week 5 Assignment. This week’s assisgnment basically consists of group and individual reflections. The last part of the assignment will be to upload each weekly assignment into our TK20 portfolio. Dr. Borel also stressed the importance of keeping our forms (Campus Supervised and Course Embedded) up to date because they will need to be turned in during our 7th course. In order for us not to be flustered with those forms and our assignments, its best to complete them at the end of each course. Overall, I enjoyed participating in this class as well as working with a very productive group for our scenario project.

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