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Friday, March 29, 2013

EDLD 5364-Week 5 Assignment-Part 3

Thus far, EDLD 5364 has been my third course within the Educational Technology program with Academic Partnerships and I must say it has been the class that I have enjoyed the most. It is the only class, so far, that required a group project. Prior to the start of the class, blackboard had my class open and I was curious as to what the class was about. Immediately, I read we had a group project and right away I tried to get my group. My group was created probably within a day or two prior to the start of the class and right away we started off on a positive note. We had extensive meetings via Google Docs and webcam. We distributed tasks to each other in an equal way and we contributed to each others' work, when applicable. We always made sure that everything was covered that needed to be covered. In addition we each took many of our strengths and experiences and used them to our advantage. For example, Lisa had an extensive background in nursing and we definitely used her when it came to creating activities for our project since we chose Anatomy and Physiology as our subject. Phyllis had background with special education and we always went to her when we had a question in regards to special ed. Maurice, is a technology instructor and was always up to date with the different online curriculums. Aleida was an excellent leader and has very good organizational skills as well as assigning duties to each of us. I provided my experience as a high school teacher since the majority in my group are elementary teachers. I would definitely work with my group again if it came down to it.

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