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Sunday, March 10, 2013

EDLD 5364-Week 2-Assignment Part 1

I learned a lot from the videos and readings that were assigned to us this week. I go in order of Blackboard which usually has the videos first, followed by the readings. The readings are simply more in depth extensions of what is introduced in the videos.

In regards to diversity, I was opened to a whole new realm of what diversity is. Originally I thought diversity meant race and ethnicity. However, it includes the above mentioned and more! Such as religion, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities, handicaps. Within the education system, we also have emotional problems, behavior problems, and disabilities. We as teachers should be able to provide different methods of teaching for all of our students. 
I also learned how the brain processes differently. It was broke into three “networks”. First being the recognition network which explains how we gather facts. The second network being the strategic network and how we organize/express our ideas. The final network being the affective network which questions the why of learning.

The UDL video was a very brief introduction of what it is which is the use of technology and flexibility to include the learning of all students from different backgrounds. In addition, we were also introduced to the principles of UDL and how we as teachers need to customize our teaching in order to reach each network that was mentioned in the brain research video.

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