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Friday, March 29, 2013

EDLD 5364-Week 5 Assignment-Part 1

The videos were probably the most that I enjoyed in this course. I felt like they were true to the issue of using technology within the education system. I believe there was a reason as to why the videos were always first during our week timelines and that’s because it was a way of engaging us into the week’s topic and as an extension to the readings. In addition to the videos standing out to me, the comments, especially on the YouTube videos, also stood out to me. The majority of the comments were also true. I feel that we as educators can definitely do a lot with the use of technology and even increase the success rate within the classroom. However, it’s the availability of what we can have in the classroom that hinders that. Money is and will always be an issue. In addition, you also have to add in outside factors such as if the building is capable of holding that type of technology, will it be available to all schools, in order to be fair, and not just those select few, and how can we maintain this technology current and up to date. I feel that money is the most influential factor. There are several districts out there that say this type of technology works, its great, its understandable. However, they do not realize that many districts out there  have limited budget on how they spend their monies. For example, I feel that the high school I am currently teaching at is the oldest standing with major construction problems/technology availability/and even infestation problems. However, I work with what is available to me in order to enhance the learning of the children.  

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