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Saturday, March 16, 2013

EDLD 5364 Week 3 Part 1

I definitely enjoyed the UDL readings because it introduced to me to a variety of things such as lesson planning and eBook builder. The UDL website is definitely something that I have bookmarked as well as the template for lesson planning. The template is so detailed, even more detailed than the template my district uses. I plan to bring the topic of adopting the UDL version at the next faculty meeting. I know it is something that will not be adopted right away, but possibly for the next school year will be great. In addition to the readings, I would also like to add that the videos were very encouraging as well. Seeing the students not only engaged at their school, but also learning and extending what they learn on to their community is definitely something I appreciate. Luis was the student whom I related myself the most with because we shared several characteristics such as coming from a non-English speaking family, the eldest, and active within the community.

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