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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Assignment 1- EDLD 5364: Teaching With Technology

The following are interesting facts that I compiled while I was watching the required videos.
George Siemens discusses challenges we are facing in higher education and business climates is nature of knowledge and how learning is changing. He stresses that there is a different need for knowledge then versus now. He provides examples with computer usage and how then it was more difficult to use it compared to today’s society. He compares knowledge as a distribution of network. There exists an internal and external connection.

John Abbott- Constructivism
You never learn anything from scratch. Always use what you know to relate and construct a bigger framework. In order to be a successful learner, the individual must use what they know and embed it with new ideas that will give them success. Constructivism never sees something totally objectively.

Kevin Warwick: Cyber Technology
Have the ability to have a chip to improve communication and memory. Should we say no? This whole videos he explains how in the near future we will be able to, instead of learn information, have access to download information to our brain via a chip.

The readings, in my opinion, were all extensions of the videos but how it applies to the classroom setting. My favorite video was with Kevin Warwick because it brough me back to Sci-Fi books and movies that I have read/seen and asking myself if there were ever to happen. He actually is telling the viewer that yes, it can.

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