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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Reflection EDLD 5301

This course has provided me with very important information within the education system. At the start of the course, I honestly thought it was going to be the typical research paper class. I was already mentally prepared for the countless hours I was going to spend reading and analyzing a plethora of journals, articles, and books. However, I was very wrong. This class introduced me to the term “action research” and provided me with a different point of view in regards to doing research. In addition, it has opened so many opportunities to me with my campus than I could ever imagine.
One of things I will take away from this course will definitely be the lectures. They were very engaging and informative. I really enjoyed the lectures from the three previous students in the Academic Partnership Program such as Dr. Chargois and Mr. Briseno. They seem to have a clear understanding of how to be an administrator. In addition, because Dr. Chargois is the superintendent for the school district I work for, it provided me with motivation to continue with the path of Educational Technology. Although he may not know it, he definitely motivated me to become the best teacher that I can be.
The readings were very helpful and informative as well. Although at times they were lengthy, it was definitely a textbook I did not dread to pick up. It provided me with different ideas and approaches in regards to choosing an action research topic and making sure it covered certain points in relation to the CARE model.
Finally, what can I say in regards to the assignments, activities, discussion boards, and blogs? Without my cohort, I believe that I would not have made it through the 5 intense weeks. I have learned so much from each one of them and I feel like I personally know them already even though I have not physically met them. We have worked together so much whether it’s making sure we have everything we need to for our assignments, to staying on top of each other’s blogs. In addition, the posts, via our discussion board, provided me, and others, with so many different ideas that I would have never considered. I must admit, there were plenty of times throughout this course that I would just tell myself to just quit. However, it would never fail when my cohort of the weekly conferences with my professor would prove me otherwise and I would reconsider my decision to quit. I think the program, throughout the 2 courses that I have taken thus far, really has professors that care and are genuinely concerned with the progress that we make. In addition to that, they also understand that we are not students 24/7. They are very aware that we have professional jobs as well as well as family that we need to be with. It’s this type of understanding that I believe they are able to connect with us keep us motivated.
Now it is safe to say that I definitely do not feel alone in this program. My family, professors, cohort, and my campus has made me feel so comfortable and has kept me motivated to continue with this intense and fast paced program.


  1. That's good that everyone has made you feel so comfortable. Maintain your motivation as our journey has begun on the administrative road!! Good luck on your action research project :)

  2. Your reflection was awesome. I understand when it just seems easier to quit, but having a supportive cohort, family and colleagues makes all the difference in the world. And remember, if this were easy there would be more people doing it. We are the select few and we have to accept the challenges as well as the joy that comes in pursuing a master's degree! We are going to make it!!!