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Friday, March 28, 2014

EDLD 5326-Week 5- ARP Blog Update

I am currently about to begin my final course in the Masters of Education in Educational Technology program. My reflections involving my technology courses have been complete. However, I  still need to complete my reflections involving my administrator courses. All of my hours for my internship plan have been complete, all that’s left is to include the last activities I’ve completed within the last couple of months. In regards to my action research project, it is complete. All my data has been collected and I am ready to include it into my report. My next steps in completing the program are to pass my LCE so that I can get approval to take the TeXes Exam for Principal Certification. I plan to take the ILD course during the second week of June through Region 5 which is located in Beaumont, Texas. If all goes well, after I complete my ILD, I plan to apply for my Principal Certifcate and obtain my certification by August of 2014.

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