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Saturday, August 10, 2013

EDLD 5366 Course Reflection

Course Reflection
This course provided me with an excellent insight on various programs to use within the classroom. Firstly, I was very comfortable with this class because of the professor, Dr. Abernathy, and the same group of classmates I have had for the past 3 courses. I knew nothing about Desktop Publishing and was hoping to get an idea of what it was about. Within the first week, we were introduced to the C.R.A.P. model which consisted of four basic design principles: Contrast, Repetition, Alignment and Proximity. We were able to analyze and use the C.R.A.P. model to distinguish the different principles, if any, that were used with various flyers. In addition, for week 2, we were to create our own logo as well as a group logo by using the C.R.A.P. model. The transition from analyzing various flyers in week 1 to actually creating your own logo in week 2 was an excellent way for use to practice hands-on the design principles. Week 3 consisted of creating an animation with the Stykz software. I am always so eager to learn new programs and this was definitely a week of learning and absorbing what I learned from the program. Week 4 was my favorite week because it allowed me to work with my team from the previous class. We had such great chemistry then that it transferred over to this class so that we could produce an excellent webpage. Overall, everything that I have learned, I plan to apply it whether it be towards to students, parents, or other fellow teachers.   


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