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Sunday, June 9, 2013

EDLD 5363-Bio Script for Digital Story

Born in Mexico during the year of 1987, my parents were pursuing what The Great Gatsby calls the “American Dream”. Within 1 year of my birth, we immigrated to the land of opportunity. After several relocations between New York, California, and Texas, it was not until 1990 that we finally decided to settle down in Beaumont, Texas. It was here that I quickly attempted to adapt to both the American and Hispanic culture. Coming from a Spanish-speaking family, my English-speaking skills were very limited and thus was placed in ESL during my elementary school years. However, I quickly tested out of this program and slowly started to enroll in Honors/Advance Placement classes. I graduated Magna Cum Laude from West Brook Senior High School in 2005 and quickly began my college career at Lamar University the summer after graduation. It was during my college years that I did a lot of exploring academic-wise. I started as a Pre-Med Major, changed to Chemical Engineering, then to Mechanical Engineering and finally to Mathematics. In 2011, I graduated with a B.S. in Mathematics with a minor in Chemistry. Post-grad life was a series of trials and tribulations. Unable to obtain a decent job and constantly getting denied from numerous companies, I was able to obtain the position of Catering Coordinator for Chartwells at Lamar University. This necessarily was not my dream job, however, it paid the bills and provided food on the table. After self-exploration religiously, I decided that my calling was to teach and therefore began the process to obtain my teaching license. Although it may be easy to decide on a career, it is the expense financially that worried me. However, with the support of my family, friends and faith, I am where I am today: a fully certified 8-12 Math teacher at Central Medical Magnet High School in Beaumont, Texas. I now am currently pursuing my masters in Educational Technology as a way to motivate my younger brother and my first set of students as a first-year teacher so that we can obtain our Masters in Education in Educational Technology, Associates Degree in Computer Drafting and Design and High School Diploma, respectively. 

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