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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Use of Blogs with Educational Leaders

I find that the use of blogs, especially with educational leaders, is a great way of networking globally. It helps us view different points of views from various different leaders throughout the world. Perhaps even get ideas from the current top country in education (which I do not know at the moment). Likewise, many third world countries may use many ideas from educational leaders to use a "template" to assist them with their educational system. With technology on the rise day by day, I feel that we are more comfortable with each other via the world wide web. Just think about it, the majority of us text message, Skype, webcam. Even in this program, we have web conferences, do various assignments involving technology and communicate with my cohort via Facebook. Blogging, I feel, is a great way to share information, thoughts and opinions before making something official within your campus. Think of it as a "rough draft" to your action research.

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  1. I love the idea of communicating with educators across the world. What a great way to help other in underprivileged areas. You'd be surprised at how some places have internet yet they don't have a school house or books. Great idea!